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The Montreal Lithuanian Choir
The Lithuanian Choir of Montreal was first established by Alexandre Stankevicius in the 1980’s. In 1982 it released its first record entitled “KALEDOS” (CHRISTMAS) and then went on to perform the cantata “Lithuania, Land of the Crosses and Pensive Jesus”, composed by Alexandre Stankevicius and poet Henrikas Nagys in the mid 80’s. The chorus has performed numerous times in Montreal, and it has given concerts in Toronto, Cleveland, Chicago, Lithuania, Los Angeles, Boston and Brazil. The present-day choir has close to 40 singers of various ages spanning three generations. Many of these singers are also members of Montreal’s two Lithuanian parish choirs, Church of St. Casimir and The Church of Our Lady of the Gates of Dawn or other vocal groups. The choir repertoire is composed mostly of Lithuanian folk songs, religious hymns and popular tunes celebrating the beauty of the Lithuanian language and culture.
About the Conductor / Composer of the Montreal Lithuanian Choir

Aleksandras Stankevicius knows no passion greater than
music. At an early age, he was drawn to the composition
of music, all types of music. Since then he has explored all
genres, excluding none. He has successfully used his talent
and composed for the radio, television, screen and stage.
Numerous recordings bear his name. Thanks to his inventive
flair and attention to detail, Alexandre's melodies are
brilliantly harmonious. They evoke an array of emotions which
easily touch all listeners and thus make Alexandre's work very
popular and very much in demand.
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